Event Leaderboards

Real-time motorsport leaderboards, branded and customised for your events

- Use your branding, colours and logos and/or those of your sponsors
- Works with all timing systems
- Multiple uses including:
   - Broadcast / TV / Event information screens
   - Drivers lounge displays
   - Website & Social Media

- Personalised setup and support included
- On-site support during the event available on request

Contact us using the form below or call us on: 01492 437 438

Timing Services

Reliable timing services bring precision and professionalism to your event

- Flexible services tailored for your event requirements
- State of the art timing equipment
- One-off events and series supported
- Display results in real-time using our Event Leaderboard

Friendly, professional support and advice is provided before, during and after the event.

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Lap Record: The App

Instantly record and share your fastest lap, your track day challenge or that first race win using just your iPhone!

- No cameras
- No data logger
- No software
- No laptop

Simply capture and share your motorsport adventures in stunning HD quality - directly onto your iPhone! Find out more at: LapRecordApp.com.

lap record app

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